The helpers we don’t see – working at the homeless shelter

The first helper pictured (below) served our country; now he serves it again in the basement of a church in the middle of the night. The third helper became a physician in his place of birth and now serves his new homeland the same as the first helper, while he studies his chosen practice of gerontology. Next to him, his wife prepares her dissertation on homelessness overnight while obtaining her PhD. Helpers 5 and 6 were first in the nation and remain faithful to helping those Indigenous or traveled. These staff join those not pictured in coming to work each night, with fear, faithfulness, courage and the good fortune that helpers we don’t see have our backs.

This week, guests and staff of Elim Church and Strong Tower Parish shelters began wearing face coverings received through friend Camille J. Gage, organizer Liseli Polivka, owner of RETHINK Tailoring and Sewing Lounge, local small business and fabric provider DIGS, Ken Goldman, owner of Stunt Puppy and

We welcome the help and thank the helpers we may never see.

3 thoughts on “The helpers we don’t see – working at the homeless shelter

  1. Thank you for your care and service to the public. We see you and thank you for all that you do! Blessing and protection to you all ❤


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