What homelessness taught the CDC about PPE (poor people’s environments)

This could have been titled Underdressed for Company-but you know that storyline-though appropriate to how those experiencing homelessness might feel living in public without being on trend to today’s proper accessory.

As Elim Church and Strong Tower Parish shelters were visited this week by CDC staff from Atlanta and elsewhere, along with staff from the City of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Dept of Health, we were anxious for company yet too tired to rearrange the knick knacks. We wondered if they would quietly swipe the surfaces with a gloved hand (they didn’t) or have a list of recommendations addressing what we weren’t doing (they didn’t).

Much to our surprise, our company commented on (one woman’s) interior design and choice of reading material. They knew the only way to feng shui our space was to not answer the doorbell, leaving more people outside to live-and no one found harmonizing energy in doing that to create physical distance.

The CDC learned that in PPEs, there’s no time for dust to settle. They remarked that they were visiting to learn, and took fastidious notes to bring to our state’s Capitol and nation’s center of infectious disease research.

In the PPEs some of us spend our days, we know there’s a lot of opportunity for people to learn. We are eager for company when you can ring the doorbell for a visit.

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