Meal Service

Meal Service

We are looking for dinner at 7pm for approximately 80 plates. Due to COVID-19, we are practicing social distancing, which leaves with a few options:.

Meal Service Options

  • Prepare a meal and deliver
  • Pick up prepared meals from a restaurant or store (we have partners listed below that offer us a special discount)
  • Pick up food for us to prepare such as: trays of lasagna to bake, deli trays for sandwiches, ham and potatoes…

Food Partners (with specials deals for us)

  • Names of places

Please note: We have a commercial kitchen, which we can use to cook meals. Often we have some food on hand, such a bread or salad fixings, which can supplement a prepared meal.

Food we currently have in the kitchen [March 30]:

  • Avocados
  • Bread

Please contact us to schedule a dinner or for more info on options.

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